Morada Way Arts & Cultural District exists for the creation of a community
inspired by sustainable, thriving arts and cultural offerings.




The principle foundation of our Art Walk is a sense of community!

Morada Way's Third Thursday Art Walks have become the signature event of the Morada Way Arts & Cultural District, as well as a source of pride for the community of Islamorada. 

When it comes to the Morada Way Art Walks, the organization is committed to the concept of artistic excellence, family entertainment, and sense of community that makes Islamorada one of the most unique locations on the planet.

To ensure the continued success of this event, we continually review each Art Walk to determine if we are meeting the expectations of our Partners, Sponsors, Members, residents, guests, local businesses, and supporters.

Whereas many artists view this strictly as an opportunity to sell art, we as promoters view it as an opportunity to educate, inform, and network with prospective customers and the community-at-large. We ask our artists to approach each Art walk in this spirit and recognize the potential to expand your individual networks with art buyers and aficionados.

It has been proven throughout the history of the Morada Way Art Walks for more than 5 years that those who understand and apply this concept have consistently experienced increased sales in the days and weeks after the event. 

We strive to make the Morada Way Art Walks productive for our artists, inspiring and entertaining to our guests, and pleasing and unobtrusive to our neighboring businesses and residents. Allowed displays are described in the "Selection of Artists" section in the application.

With your help, understanding and cooperation, we will continue to be successful in providing this event for those who continue to support it.

In the coming months, the Morada Way Art Walks will be revamped to more effectively reflect these principles. Displays will be smaller and simpler, tent specs may be modified and lighting will eventually need to be energy efficient.

Thank you sincerely for your attention to these Rules and Guidelines.

- Morada Way Art Walk Organizers



All artists are selected by our Artists Selection Committee.

Selections are made from a review of applications submitted that meet the criteria listed below. The committee’s selection is final, and not subject to appeal.  If not selected, the applicant will be informed as to the reason(s).    

Artists may apply as many times as they wish. 


Compliance with Procedures and Rules – Each applicant must download, print, read, and sign a copy of the Procedures and Rules as contained herein. This document must be mailed (or emailed) to the Art Walk Coordinator before the application will be considered.

Artistic Excellence – There are no prizes at the Art Walk, however, it is nonetheless a juried event. Each applicant is required to submit three (5) high-quality images of the work they will display.  It is expected that the actual work displayed and the display set-up will mirror what is submitted with the application. 

The Artist Selection Committee will review each artist’s setup at the outset of the event to assure compliance.

Original Work– Absolutely no buy-sell permitted! All work must be the creation of the artist displaying it. Jewelers who string purchased beads, precious stones, or found objects will be evaluated on an individual basis, within design creativity and uniqueness as determining factors.

Recycled, Earth Friendly and “Local Heritage” inspired art – The artists selection committee gives priority to and special consideration to artwork that is made from recycled materials, or that features the unique heritage of the Florida Keys as its focus and inspiration. Excellence of art will remain the primary consideration.


Returning artists will not be required to submit a new application after they have been accepted for the Art Walk- unless their art changes significantly from the art represented in their original application. Compliance will be determined by the Artist Selection Committee.

Returning artists are not guaranteed a space in every Art Walk. The commitment made by MWACD to assure this event remains vibrant, inspiring and innovative will necessitate decisions to vary the art displayed.

Every effort will be made to apply this policy in the fairest, most equitable manner possible. All artists are required to notify the Art Walk Coordinator of their desire to participate in the upcoming event at least two weeks in advance.

The Procedure and Rules as set forth on this page can be changed and modified at the discretion of the Executive Director and/or Board of Directors of the Morada Way Arts & Cultural District at any time, and that all participating artists will be notified of such changes when they are made. 

I have read this page in its entirety, including the Principle foundation of Artwalk, the Selection of Artists, and all Artwalk Vendor Procedures and Rules. I understand that my failure to abide by these Principles, Procedures and Rules can result in not being accepted as an artist for future Art Walks.



Our current display fees are $40 a month. Fees can be paid on-line through our website, or by check or cash on the night of the event.

Not-for-profits and PARTNERS are admitted without charge, but still must be approved in advance by the selection committee.

*Please Note: MWACD does not allow political activity of any type at its Art Walk.


Assignment of display locations is the responsibility of the Art Walk Coordinator. 

The layout of the Art Walk is a complex process, which requires hours of careful thought. It is complicated by the erratic arrival times of the artists and the urgent need to keep the streets open and clear until 6:00 PM. We respectfully request out artists to respect the experience and expertise of the person assigned to this task and refrain from any urge to interfere. Those who will not, or cannot comply with this request will not be allowed to participate in future Art Walks.


Beginning with the January, 2017 Art Walk, the following policies regarding display/setups will be implemented:

Lighting of displays is limited to LED lights and bulbs- Power outages have been common in the past, necessitating this policy. Artists are responsible for bringing the own lights, extension cords and any other equipment necessary to support their display. 

Trash and recycling- Receptacles for trash and recycling are available throughout the display area. No trash (bottles, cans, tie-straps, cigarette butts, etc.) will be left in the display area at the conclusion of the event. Offenders will not be permitted to future Art walks.

Note: MWACD will have market umbrellas, tables, and chairs, extension cords available for rent (rental rates available from Art Walk Coordinator). Please make sure these are available before you arrive. 


Parking is limited in the Art District. All participating artists will be notified, upon arrival, of approved areas for artist parking. Most of these areas are several blocks from the display area; transportation will be provided to and from these areas by MWACD volunteers. Any artist who parks in an area other than that designated for artist parking not be allowed to participate in future Art Walks.

When arriving at the display area, artists are requested to contact a MWACD volunteer for their assigned display location. The volunteer will escort the artist to their assigned spot, where they will off-load their display set-up and art. Before setting up their display, the artist will park in the designated parking area and be brought back to the display area by a volunteer. A second volunteer will provide security for the artists’ belongings in their absence.

Please note. . .The largest portion of the Art Walk is held on Morada Way. This is a busy street during the day and it supports such businesses as UPS, World Wide Sportsman, The Moorings, The Redbone, and the Florida Keys Brewing Company. Our organization has an obligation to respect the need for free and clear access to these businesses during the work day. We ask our artists to work with us fulfilling this obligation. Volunteers will assist in off-loading whenever possible – this process must be accomplished as quickly and efficiently as possible.

At the conclusion of the Art Walk, artists will be permitted to park their vehicles on Morada Way to break down their display. Please do not park vehicles on the grass!!

*The Procedures and Rules as set forth above can be changed and modified at the discretion of the Executive Director and/or Board of Directors of the Morada Way Arts & Cultural District at any time, and that all participating artists will be notified of such changes when they are made.

Once you have been chosen by the Artwalk committee to be an artist vendor, every artist (both new and returning) MUST download, print and sign the following contract and return it to Rio Campbell, Artwalk Coordinator, before participating as an Artwalk Vendor.

Click on this link to download contract: 2018 Art Walk Contract.pdf

Email To:

Mail to:

Attn: Rio Campbell

Morada Way Arts and Cultural District

151 Morada Way

Islamorada, FL 33036

Bring: A signed contract with payment during artist check-in, on the day of the Artwalk.

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